We have developed a skilled, professional team of benefit consultants and team members that offer the highest level of experience, dedication and integrity in this business. For each client, we assign a team of specialists that offer specific talents and have access to vast resources. Long term relationships are important to us and our specialists are committed to servicing your benefit needs.

Your Benefit Consultant

Your benefit consultant is your trusted advisor and is responsible for understanding and overseeing your goals, needs and objectives in order to develop a customized strategy to meet them. The Benefit Consultant manages the internal team assigned to your account and handles all negotiations with carriers, including but not limited to the renewal process.

Your Benefit Service Representative

Your benefit service representative will handle your day-to-day administrative and service issues and has direct involvement with enrollment and renewal processes and procedures. This individual is responsible for overseeing all benefit and carrier changes and also communicating those changes to your employees.

Your Financial Analyst

Your financial analyst is up-to-date on trend data, carrier promotions and product availability as well as tracking and monitoring claims experience. In addition, market analysis and financial analysis are prepared and updated by this individual. The financial analyst will also take part in carrier renewal and rating negotiations.