Wilshire Benefits Group guiding you with exceptional consulting to help navigate the complex benefits landscape!

  • ERISA Compliance

  • Required Employee Notices

  • Employee Training: Think HR including free 24/7 access to over 300 online training courses

  • Human Resource support via Think HR with unlimited HR consultation and access to thousands of model documents, legal briefs and HR guidance

  • Legal Guidance: seminars, monthly compliance webinars, and access to one of the Nation’s best ERISA employment law firms*, Maynard, Cooper & Gale

Wilshire Benefits Group is committed to helping our clients make appropriate business decisions regarding their employee benefit plans. We keep our clients up-to-date on the latest ACA changes through active face-to-face consulting, regular Compliance Alerts, seminars, webinars, and newsletters. Changes impacting plan designs are discussed with our clients and addressed in a timely fashion. Most changes will impact our clients at renewal time. Thus, our renewal strategy meetings that take place mid-year address many of these types of changes.

Our clients at Wilshire Benefits Group are provided complimentary access to our on-line resource tool called ThinkHR. Clients have unlimited access to the latest legislative information, access to a multitude of HR documents, training modules for management and supervisory staff, and links to sites for specific details on benefits and human resources.

Wilshire Benefits Group works very closely with your ERISA benefits attorneys to make sure all legal documents for the Health & Welfare benefit plans are maintained and updated with any legislative and/or regulatory changes. We will also work with our client’s specific ERISA benefits attorney(s) to update the Summary Plan Description and assist with any questions relating to Form 5500 filings. We do not charge a separate fee to our clients for this service. The only fees incurred would be the fees charged by the client’s attorneys for their services.


An Ever-Changing Landscape

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), HIPAA, COBRA, ERISA and other legislative rules have created a complicated compliance landscape for most businesses. Wilshire Benefits Group’s client support includes compliance strategies, human capital guidance, and financial security solutions. Our holistic approach to providing compliance assistance includes: our own legal counsel on retainer, multiple resources for webinars including Wilshire Benefits hosted seminars, newsletters, strategic partnerships with benefits administration and payroll platforms, retirement plan and COBRA/FSA/HSA vendors, and a wealth of other resources. We are invested in your company’s success and in helping to navigate through the daily challenge of compliance.

A Key Component of our Service: Complimentary Access to Think HR Workplace

With ThinkHR Workplace, you have a powerful cloud-based platform of integrated HR resources and training supported by live HR experts:

  • Think HR Live: A team of human resource experts standing by to answer your questions and provide advice
  • ThinkHR Learn: Training solutions that develop employees and ensure compliance
  • ThinkHR Comply: An award-winning resource center providing on-demand articles, forms, checklists, tools and up-to-date guidelines covering the entire spectrum of workplace topics and issuesClick edit button to change this text.


Gaining and Retaining the Best Talent

Your employee benefit package sets the tone for your relationship with your employees, and our goal is to help you create a great culture by offering the best possible benefit package while working within your budget. Benefit offerings are a significant part of any compensation discussion and their value helps your business remain competitive. Part of developing a complete benefit strategy for your company is the time we take to learn about you and your business, who your employees are and what types of benefits may best serve both their needs and the needs of the company. We want to help you attract and retain the best workforce possible!


Employee Education and Engagement / Customized Enrollment Services

We will assist you in finding the right payroll and benefit technology platforms to streamline your human resource and benefit administration services. Our specialists will develop and provide customized enrollment guides for your employees, devise ongoing benefit communication strategies, and create financial and physical wellness initiatives. We believe employee education is critical to the success of your benefit package. Your Wilshire Benefits team will be your reliable source to ensure that employees understand their benefits and how to utilize them. Wilshire Benefits Group offers full and continued support from implementation through post enrollment meetings, and provides ongoing communication with both you and your employees. Our dedicated Benefit Advocate Team will assist your employees with issue resolution and advocacy with insurance carriers, billing and enrollment support, claims resolution, appeals or denial assistance and more. We serve as an extension of your human resource department.


Coverage and Contribution Strategies

There are countless variables related to the costs of your business. Vendors, claims history, funding mechanisms, provider networks and discount analysis are just a few. Wilshire Benefits Group can help you make the right business decisions by performing an in-depth analysis of all benefit costs, as well as future market trends, and find the best sustainable value for your company. Our goal is to maximize the value you receive from the money dedicated to employee benefits. Whether your company pays for benefits or provides benefits via payroll deduction, we want you to have an affordable, sustainable, comprehensive benefit package that meets your budget.

Key Vendor Partnerships

By creating and maintaining long-term relationships with key carriers, Wilshire Benefits Group is able to leverage our capabilities and services even further, to provide:

  • Comprehensive employee benefits services
  • Time-saving human resource technology solutions
  • Complete retirement plan management and much more